What is kate silk fabric

Kate fabric is a fabric that is widely used in life and is very chosen by many people. In particular, for consumers mainly office workers, students, workers, …. places of production in high demand. Through this article, Viet Thang Loi would like to introduce to customers a fabric of the kate line, which is kate silk or also known as kate siu (super) fabric is very popular, let’s find out the pros and cons of this special fabric!

Pros and cons of kate silk fabric

What is kate silk fabric?

Kate is a fabric that is mixed with a mixture of cotton and poly fibers with a ratio of guests that will have a kate fabric with its own characteristics. But for kate silk fabric with 100% polyester composition, in Viet Thang Loi kate siu fabric is produced with a size of 1m52, the type of weaving point.

Therefore, in terms of quality siu fabric has high color fastness, good elasticity restrictions, rich colors.

Pros and cons of kate silk fabric

For every fabric on the market, there are outstanding characteristics suitable for the specific function for the production needs of each type of product. Therefore, factories need five clear features:

Kate silk fabric application


  • Kate silk fabric is soft – thin – cool, so it always brings a pleasant feeling to the wearer.
  • Diverse colors, according to customer requirements, Kate silk fabric brings more choices for the wearer.
  • Easily print and embroider school and company logos.
  • The fabric is extremely less wrinkled, so the laundry is also easy and saves a lot more time.
  • Can iron at high temperatures without fire or shrinkage problems.
  • Color fastness is very good, it is difficult to fade over time even if you wash the machine.
  • Good stretch resistance helps clothes retain form longer.
  • The price is quite cheap compared to the common ground, so it is preferred by many people.


  • Due to the composition of 100% PE yarn, the fabric is not absorbent of sweat well.
  • The siu fabric shake is almost selected so it is not suitable for sewing outfits with hard forms.

Application of super kate fabric

In addition to quality, price is one of the great advantages of this fabric, especially in the production of uniforms.

Often used to sew school uniforms (white kate fabric sewing school shirts), office shirts (plain kate fabric), union shirts, gowns (trang fabrics), monk’s shirts, pagoda gowns,… In addition, some are used to sew worker uniforms.

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