What is Oxford fabric?

What is oxford fabric?

Today, oxford fabrics have many purposes to use each other, mainly producing travel backpacks, travel stacking chairs and applications in garment technology. The fabric was born in the 19th century, from the Scottish factory. Fabrics made from cotton, elastane or cotton combination with polyester. So, you already understand what oxford fabric is or not. For a deeper understanding, see the end of this article.

What is oxford fabric?

Oxford fabrics

Oxford fabrics are woven from cotton fibers and polyester fibers, in proportion. Oxford fabrics are often used in the field of apparel such as clothing, backpacks, body bags,… with outstanding characteristics. In the production process applied in the mixing ratio of 2 fiber components to produce fabrics with different characteristics.

Oxford fabrics
  • Oxford 65/35 fabric: is one of the popular fabrics on the market, applied in the garment industry because of its airy advantages such as cotton and especially good water resistance. With a 65% polyester and 35% cotton ratio.
  • Oxford 83/17 fabric: this fabric is not as popular as oxford fabric 65/35, durability is not as high and uses more additives. With a ratio of 83% polyester and 17% cotton fiber.

Advantages of oxford fabric

Is oxford fabric durable?

Oxford fabrics are durable, are fabrics made from different fiber components so the general characteristics of Oxford Fabrics are strong and durable, especially the service life is not affected by factors such as external weather, dirt wind and good strength. , not easily torn.

Durability of Oxford fabrics

In particular, some water resistant fabrics are often prone to stretching after a period of use. However, for Oxford fabrics, this disadvantage can be overcome. Materials made from Oxford fabrics do not dilate and shrink after a long period of use.

Is oxford fabric wrinkled?

In addition to the advantages such as not stretching after a period of use, there is quite water and moisture resistance, high durability, ultra-light weight. Oxford fabrics are soft, wrinkle-free and odorless, even with new products made from Oxford material you can easily notice this.

Is oxford fabric waterproof?

The answer is yes and this is also one of the characteristics of this material. Oxford fabrics are waterproof, able to quickly dry and absorb moisture well due to the large proportion of components from Polyester. This advantage is also quite similar to nylon fabric.

Waterproof features on Oxford fabric

Disadvantages of oxford fabric

With outstanding advantages, oxford fabric has certain disadvantages. Let's learn more about the disadvantages of the following oxford fabric.

Fading in sunlight

This fabric can be affected if exposed to sunlight, especially stars when cleaned with the action of water or detergent. In opposition to water resistance, exposure to sunlight is very sensitive. It should be noted this disadvantage, as it affects the quality of the product and the choice to produce for those dresses made from oxford fabric.

Oxford shoulder lam lam lam backpack du

The elasticity is not good

This material is well tolerated, and without stretching is also an advantage and a point. If you are in need of a stretchable fabric, oxford fabric cannot meet this need, as the elasticity is only average.

Where oxford fabrics are bought

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