The unit produces and supplies sofa upholstery fabrics in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh

Viet Thang Loi company is a unit specializing in textile dyeing interior fabrics, exterior fabrics, sofa upholstery fabrics meet the export targets for difficult markets such as Japan, USA, UK, Europe,.. . Applying the continuous monitoring process in production, in order to ensure the quality of the finished product, each batch must meet the standard compared to the required sample.

Features of sofa upholstery fabric

Depending on the needs of use, we can produce according to the requirements of customers. Especially for fabrics:

Exterior fabrics

Outdoor use characteristics, so it is necessary to be durable before the unfortunate time, so the fabric upholstered outdoor sofa often has high light durability before the light has too strong UV rays, and the heavy water slide ensures that the chair is always dry, not affected by rain. With these characteristics. Viet Thang Loi can respond well to you.

Water slide test on canvas

Interior fabrics

Interior sofa upholstery fabric used in indoor environments, not affected by the weather outside. But for high-end sofa sets often add fire retardant fabric characteristics. Avoid being affected by the heat increases the flammable time, protecting indoor utensils best. Therefore, you should choose a reputable fabric production facility to have the best sofa products to consumers.

Where to buy sofa upholstery fabric

Viet Thang Loi is the manufacturer of sofa upholstery fabrics on demand, with the number of orders over 5000 meters. To order oxford fabrics upholstered sofas, please contact (028) 3718 2224 or refer to Viet Thang Thang We are always ready to answer any questions of customers.

Viet Thang Loi is a company specializing in producing sofa upholstery fabrics as required

Coming to Viet Thang Loi, customers can visit factories to make a quality view of our production process is suitable for your finished product production needs? Importantly, we do business on the platform of "Keep faith, than keep gold".

Why choose Viet Thang Loi sofa upholstery fabric

  1. Production quality as required: we are a manufacturer so we can adjust the product characteristics according to customer requirements, with a professional team over 10 years of production.
  2. Dye by color: not only quality we can dye to the final finished product to achieve color according to customers. How do we do that? Dyeing factory we have color lab so the adjustment is very simple.
  3. Prestige: With the prestige of production in the past 10 years, we are proud to be a unit highly appreciated by foreign partners.

In the current competitive field, prestige is always the guide to success and our customers are also long-time partners to form their own business culture. Viet Thang Loi thank you for reading the above article to get a better understanding of our sofa upholstery fabric products!

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