Find out what viscose fabric is? Common application characteristics of fabrics

In today's market, there are many different fabrics to meet all daily needs. In particular, viscose fabrics are used quite commonly, which are raw materials for the production of clothing of all kinds. But the quality of viscose fabric products on the market today has real quality, manufacturers have ensured the production process and the best price. Thang Thang produces viscose fabrics according to the requirements to meet the large market demand of viscose fabrics, ensuring the best quality. Let's find out what viscose fabric is, the characteristics of this fabric in life.

What is viscose fabric?

What is viscose fabric?

Viscose fabric is a fabric made 100% from natural cotton fiber, without chemical active ingredients so it does not affect health at all. In particular, the material is soft and looks very similar to silk.

Characteristics and effects of Viscose fabric

Its chemical properties are xenllulo so it has good moisture suction, high breathability to avoid damaging the skin, not moldy and especially antibacterial properties.

Characteristics and effects of viscose fabric

Businesses today are very fond of this fabric and trusted because of the airy, sweaty properties I favor. The clothes made from viscose fabric are very interested, you will feel the best effect when used under hot weather, harsh sun they always give you a pleasant feeling and no secrets. The next effect of this fabric is to be able to remove dirt easily, avoid inflammation on the skin when in contact with pores and good antibacterial properties. Therefore, this fabric is suitable for outdoor pants.

Viscose fabric preservation guide

Viscose fabrics are formed from 100% cotton fibers so they should be preserved well. Clothes made from viscose fabrics are limited by high detergents, they easily fly the fabric color, so choose low alkaline type and low detergent type. When drying should choose the opposite side or expose the area with low light intensity because of the poor color fastness on the fabric.

Instructions for preservation of some viscose

Which company produces reputable viscose fabrics

Viet Thang Thang quality viscose fabric production unit "Keep faith over keeping gold". Network quality products to customers, ensuring the fastest delivery schedule for customers. We produce fabrics according to customer requirements, meeting all the needs in the market today with a team of experienced textile and dyeing production.

Which company produces reputable viscose fabrics
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