Viet Thang Loi uses new textile technology to deliver the best products to customers.

The way it works is by inserting the weft with a water jet that creates friction on the weft, the yarn will be larger in size than the air weave and have less diffusion capacity. The synthetic fiber and fiberglass have a smooth surface suitable for this weaving. At the same time, it can increase the electrical conductivity of the synthetic fiber and overcome the electrostatic generation while weaving, In addition, the fiber injection consumes less energy and low noise.

Interior and exterior fabrics

  • Ingredients: Polyester, CD …
  • Status: Available
  • Features: The fabric has water-slip, antibacterial, anti-fire, anti-UV, high color fastness properties … depending on the intended use of the customer.
  • Purpose of use: Interior fabric (Indoor) used in indoor decoration: decorative pillow mattress, sofa .. and many other items depending on the designer’s creativity.

Polyester fabric

  • Ingredients: 100% polyester
  • Status: Available
  • Fabric characteristics:
  • Advantages: The fabric does not shrink when washed, anti-wrinkle and non-fouling, it is also easily stained and not destroyed by mold, cheap price.
  • Cons: Not sweat-proof