New wave of investment from Japan to Vietnam

The Japanese Government wishes to promote economic cooperation, while at the same time creating favorable conditions and encouraging small and medium enterprises to invest in Vietnam.

On September 25, at a press conference in Hanoi, the President of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), Japan noticed that the Asian region, especially the ASEAN countries, are experiencing economic growth. and has a lot of potential to promote commercial cooperation.

With good political relations, many advantages in terms of labor force, purchasing power … Japanese enterprises have made effective investments in Vietnam in recent years, but mainly it is the big enterprises and corporations. Therefore, the delegation of Japanese small and medium enterprises came to Vietnam to explore the market and to connect cooperation opportunities.

Currently, Vietnam is considered one of the most hopeful destinations for Japanese businesses in this field. Vietnam is interested by Japanese businesses because this is a large market with increasing purchasing power, Vietnam’s economy in recent years has grown quite well with the number of people with decent income also increased.

Mr. Tadashi Okamura emphasized that supporting industries are one of the potential areas for cooperation between small and medium enterprises of the two countries, because Vietnam is moving towards a modern industry from only specializing in assembling components. Imported components move to domestically produce, assemble and even join the global supply chain. This is also the strength and target that Japanese small and medium enterprises are aiming for, while these enterprises do not have much investment abroad.

However, Mr. Tadashi Okamura also said that Japanese small and medium enterprises do not have much experience in investing abroad, so it is very important to support Vietnamese side, especially the provision of necessary information.

On this occasion, JCCI also organized a seminar with the participation of more than 300 enterprises from both sides to create opportunities for businesses to meet and exchange cooperation issues.

Mr. Tadashi Okamura added that after Vietnam, a delegation of Japanese businesses will come to Mianmar to explore the market and investment opportunities.

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