We are people with many years of experience in fabric dyeing and processing services in the industry.

And especially the factory specializes in dyeing materials such as 100% cotton, khaki, Polyester …

PU processing (indoor – Outdoor product)

As a factory specializing in processing PU, PVC, UV, waterproof, fireproof …

PU processing (indoor – Outdoor product)

As a unit specializing in the processing of PU, UV, waterproof, fireproof adhesive … on Poly, Taffita, Ripstop, Oxford, TC, Cotton and other fabrics used in the garment and handbag industries. , umbrellas, mattresses, chairs, roofs … for the purpose of waterproofing, water-skiing, anti-spillage, stretching …

Fabrication for fire retardant

Viet Thang Loi is one of the suppliers and manufactures fire retardant fabric products according to BS 5852, CA TB 117 standards, in accordance with export criteria to EU, UK, USA markets.

Fabrication dyeing-finishing

Viet Thang Loi receives dyeing and fabric finishing at the request of the Customer. Dyeing and finishing on materials such as Kate fabric, 100% cotton fabric, Kaki TC, PECO, Polyester…. Ensuring the time as well as product quality according to specific requirements.