Kate fabric is the most popular with customers

In Vietnam market, Kate fabric is very popular with many customers, mainly customers producing student clothes, Buddhist clothes – French uniforms, worker uniforms, shirts. With good moisture ingest, high durability, no fading, cheap price and very suitable for the climate in Vietnam.

Ingredients in kate fabric include: 65% cotton – 35% polyester, this rate varies according to customer's fabric requirements

6 popular kate fabrics

In Vietnam, there are 6 popular kate fabrics in the garment industry including: Kate Silk Fabric, Kate Polin Fabric, Kate Ford Fabric, Striped Kate Fabric, Korean – Thai Kate Fabric, American – Italian Kate Fabric.

Silk kate fabric

Silk kate fabric (english: common name kate silk fabric, or: velvet kate fabric)


  • High color fastness
  • Anti-stretching and bucket, anti-wrinkle quite well
  • Kate fabric cheap, affordable
  • Variety of colors


  • Very poor perspiration absorbability due to its rather high polyester composition


  • Sewing worker uniforms
  • Sewing student uniforms
  • Sewing Buddhist clothes, dharma uniforms

Kate Ford


  • Good perspiration permeability


  • Thick fabric
  • There is a phenomenon of hair removal


  • Sewing office shirts
  • Sewing medical uniforms such as doctor blouse, nurse blouse, nursing uniform,….

Kate Polin Fabric


  • The percentage of cotton fibers more than polyester fibers should have better absorbent capacity than kate silk.


  • Thicker than American kate fabric


  • High-end apparel
  • Sih School Costume
  • Costumes for office workers

Striped kate fabric, caro

Striped kate fabric also known as kate striped caro, a fabric of various color versions


Sewing shirts, creating elegant style and personality.

Korean kate fabric

Korean kate fabric or stork called South Korean kate fabric.


  • Cheap price
  • Stable quality


  • Low fabric durability


  • Sewing worker uniforms in industrial parks and factories.

Japanese – American – Italian kate fabric


  • Variety of colors
  • Good perspiration absorbent


  • High price


  • Sewing shirts
  • Jacket sewing
  • High-end work dresses

How to recognize kate fabric

There are many fabrics on the market, to avoid buying mistakes you should have a lot of experience in choosing fabrics? To avoid buying imitation fabrics of poor quality kate fabric with 2 simple ways to get written as follows:

Feel: recognize kate fabric with her hands palpable cool smooth fabric. Kate's canvas is not wrinkled like other fabrics.

How to burn: use a small sample of fabric to burn. If the fabric has a plastic odor, it is determined that this is kate fabric, because the kate fabric has PE (polyester) yarn, so they have a dark smell of plastic, the fabric ash is lumpy and a melted part is cotton composition.

Use kate fabric to apply life

With common use, often used in the garment industry, used for sewing:

  • Masks, airy.
  • Uniform clothing for office workers.
  • School uniform clothing (white shirt, blue pants).
  • Uniforms for restaurant and hotel waiter.
  • Uniforms for kitchen staff.
  • Uniforms for technicians.
  • Medical uniform blouse.
  • Jacket.
  • Work dresses.

Reputable kate fabric supply address, woven fabric on request

Viet Thang Loi is a unit specializing in manufacturing kate fabrics according to customers' requirements in large quantities. We are a long-time textile manufacturer with domestic and foreign orders, prices next to the page. If you are a clothing factory please contact the information below:

Viet Thang Loi Textile Co., Ltd.

  • Address: 750 Truong Chinh, Ward. Tan Hung Thuan, District 12, HCMC
  • Phone: 0777 868686
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