Fabrication for fire retardant

What is fire retardant fabric?

Flame retardant fabric, also known as flame retardant fabric, is a fabric that is harder to burn than other fabrics. Fire retardant fabrics are manufactured by chemically coating fibers or fibers that are specially manufactured to be fire resistant in order to resist fire.

The most common application of fire retardant fabrics is in the manufacture of protective clothing. There are also some other applications such as:

  • Cover protects goods from fire and explosion.
  • Insulated pipe insulation, noise resistance.
  • Use as curtains, upholstery, sofa upholstery, fireproof blankets in amusement parks, public areas requiring repair.
  • Covering welding areas, factories, and machinery emitting sparks firmly.

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Fire retardant fabric properties

Flame retardant fabric has a slower burn rate than conventional fabrics, but it can still be destroyed by fire. Furthermore, it will be destroyed if exposed to fire and high temperature for a long enough time. The purpose of this fabric was to reduce the spread of the flame. So “fire retardant fabric” is not “non-flammable fabric”.

Fire retardant fabric application

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