Features and application of outdoor furniture fabrics

What is outdoor furniture fabric?

Currently, the design of outdoor living space is extremely important in modern life, the space of the house has thoughts and brings higher living values. The perfect combination of colors, patterns and textures not only adds beauty but also increases the ability to continue to be active. Viet Thang Loi outdoor furniture fabric is what we want to send to you. With superior quality and production of designs according to customer requirements bring customers the best products, bringing consumers quality outdoor sofas.

What is outdoor furniture fabric?

Outdoor fabric properties to know

Anti-silver color before UV rays

The traditional dyeing process is only capable of saving color on the surface of the fabric, so it is very difficult to fade out. Viet Thang Loi fabric is dyed to the core with good colors with high stability under UV rays, making Viet Thang Loi fabric does not fade and withstand the direct impact of sunlight but does not fade the fabric.

Outdoor fabric properties to know


Viet Thang Loi fabrics can be produced according to customers' requirements, increasing the resistance to mold. In addition, it is possible to remove dirt easily reducing the likelihood of mold arising with bleach.

Can be cleaned with detergent

Because the color seeps into the core of Viet Thang Loi fabric, our fabric can be cleaned with solvents, detergents without losing the color of the fabric.

Prevent sunlight

Viet Thang Loi outdoor fabric can be used as a roof to prevent skin damage caused by the sun.


Outdoor fabrics allow air to easily rotate through, creating a cool environment.

Use fabrics for indoors and outdoors

With outstanding advantages, you can optionally use for different purposes to produce a product set for interior and exterior space.

Use fabrics for indoors and outdoors

Folded curtains

Our customers are mainly furniture manufacturers, in which the purpose of using Viet Thang Loi fabric is used to produce window curtains, this application has anti-fading properties that always retain the same color as in the beginning, including for outdoor curtains and indoor curtains. Our thin fabrics use more flexibility than easy application.

Upholstery fabric

From the family sofas and high-end sofas, from the house to the yard, Viet Thang fabric is effective no matter what environment you use.

Decorative pillows

On the sofas, it is indispensable for pillows to help you create elegant color combination designs, adding subtle depth with luxurious colors.

Consider outdoor fabric durability and price options

When choosing outdoor fabrics for your company project, it is important to consider the durability that the product needs to export. If you're looking for fabrics with a business style and lower prices, look for outdoor fabrics derived from polyester.

Consider outdoor fabric durability and price options

These fabrics are medium weight, sewing and have a variety of printing styles. With this fabric, it is possible to pre-process the average purple lump only 500 hours of light, so it is recommended to use the production of interior products in this. The properties are easy to clean with warm water and a mild soapy solution. Polyester fabrics create more personality space.

If you're looking for a fabric that's more durable without worrying about the harsh weather, look for outdoor fabrics. These fabrics will provide higher color fastness in front of direct light.

Where to buy outdoor furniture fabrics

With water resistance, ultraviolet rays and other harsh outdoor conditions such as the exterior fabric environment Viet Thang Loi is one of the ideal choices for outdoor use and indoor furniture production.

Viet Thang Loi Textile Co., Ltd. is a fabric manufacturing company with more than 10 years of textile – dyeing – printing experience. We provide top quality outdoor furniture fabrics, manufactured according to customer requirements. In addition, we offer other fabrics such as kate silk, viscose, cotton,…

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