Features of Oxford fabric

Oxford fabrics are very popular due to their diverse properties and uses. It is commonly used to produce suitcases, bags, tool bags, umbrella bags, sun visiers, laptop bags, makeup bags, shoes, workwear, outdoor tents, outdoor umbrellas, furniture,… Through this article Viet Thang Thang will present the characteristics of oxford fabric.

What is oxford fabric?

Oxford fabric exterior protection feature

Oxford fabrics are often used with a protective layer, one of these layers is polyurethane, which meets the waterproof properties that prevent the accumulation of dirt between fibers. Polyvinyl chloride coating provides absolute water resistance.

Oxford fabric exterior protection feature

With the weaving structure by knitting many strands together by threading each other in the vertical direction and horizontally by water weaving technology. This oxford fabric is used manufactured from polyester fibers with 150D / 300D / 400D / 450D / 500D / 600D / 900D / 1200D fibers with bright colors, diverse bright styles, attractive. Vertical models are often used as fashion handbags, laptop handbags, school bags, women's backpacks,…

Pros and cons of oxford fabric

Pros and cons of oxford fabric


  • Good insulation.
  • Good texture and slightly heavy
  • Basket weaving makes the fabric breathable and durable.
  • The life is longer and softer after each use.
  • Natural wrinkle resistance.
  • Easy to dry after the aggressor.
  • Anti-abrasion and good chemical repellers.
  • It is possible to machine the enemy and keep the original quality, after the aggressor does not need to iron again.

The ability to waters water slide oxford fabric Viet Thang Loi


  • Synthetic fiber fabrics coated with polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride should be poorly ventilated.
  • This material withstands low temperatures well, but when it is cold it becomes hard and makes a rustle.
  • Oxford flammable Nylon yarn – a spark from the fire can ignite a hole. In addition, nylon fibers have the ability to accumulate static electricity..
  • Oxford is made of less burnt polyester fibers, but its durability is lower than nylon fabric.

Application of oxford fabric

Low-density Oxford is used for sewing clothes, as well as producing shoes. According to interior upholstery companies, Oxford 240-320D is the ideal product for interior fabrics.

Application of oxford fabric
  • Oxford 150D fabrics are used in the production of coats, windshields, trousers and work protection clothing.
  • Oxford 210-240D fabrics used for travel accessories have a good strength structure. Suitable for backpacks, vests and shoes,…
  • Oxford fabric 300-420D this fabric is processed holding 2 polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride components to increase abrasion resistance. Used as raw materials for the production of shoes, technical clothing, tents, hunting accessories bags and fishing boats, travel bags, backpacks, bags hitting filming equipment …
  • Oxford 600D fabrics used for awnings or show floors, towels for tables and chairs, shoes.
  • Oxford fabrics with a proportion of more than 600D are used to produce heavy objects, car shelters, shopping fair tents,…

How to preserve oxford

Due to its resistance to dirt, this fabric does not need frequent aggressors.

How to preserve oxford

If necessary, just clean with water to drift away dirt. The products are made from oxford fabric (interior fabric) any proportion to be able to machine at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius with detergents of all kinds. After the aggressor, it is possible to dry.

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