Cotton fabric


Thành phần: 100% cotton
Kiểu dệt: vân điểm 1/1, chéo 2/1, chéo 2/2
Tình trạng: Có sẵn


contribute to protecting living environment

Cotton fabric is woven from natural materials, in which cotton plays the most important role. High, when fast drying, effective abrasion resistance, easy to dye with the ability to resist the penetration of stains and mold and abundant production materials, the popular application of this fabric is also. understandable.

Physical properties


Cotton fabrics have a high degree of softness, but can easily crease when rubbed by hand or washed.

Chemical properties

When burned

Different from other blended fabrics, when burned longer and not crumpled due to the composition is natural (Fiber, Wood), when burned, the smell of wood will not evaporate, the color is pink when burned. The grip will be smooth and melt away.


This is 100% pure cotton. Nowadays, it is commonly used in the production of blankets, mattresses and garments.

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