Tips for choosing the fabric of student uniforms

Nowadays, uniforms are very familiar to students. Not only is it a regular uniform, but it also contains student-age concepts. Therefore, the selection of uniform fabric for students in addition to aesthetics needs to ensure the best quality. How to assess the quality of good student uniform fabric? Please refer to the following article!

Selection of school uniform fabric

When choosing fabrics with different distinct characteristics with specific pros and cons. Therefore, manufacturers of student uniforms need to consider the appropriate quality. Before production, it is necessary to consider the quality in accordance with any factors, price or comfort when operating. Especially important factor is the fabric.

Selection of school uniform fabric

Material that affects the durability of the shirt

The uniform fabric is rated as durable and ensures colorless use time and elasticity to the persusible level. However, to ensure this quality requires good raw materials, because if using poor quality fabrics, the shirt will be very quickly scaled, quickly lose the form of the shirt after a period of use.

Materials that affect print quality

With printing technology has grown more and more than before. Allows customers to create more creative and unique shirt models. No matter how modern the technology is, the fabric is not good, it is difficult to give the shapes as desired. If using quality fabric source from the beginning will give better clarity and grip.

The price of uniform fabric

The fabric market is now very rich with many fabrics, each material has strengths and weaknesses. Should choose a reputable fabric supplier, currently this type of fabric commercial model is quite popular, but for manufacturers to monitor the fabric to meet the demand for price, ensuring competitiveness.

Popular uniform fabric today

With many years of experience in producing student uniform fabrics, Viet Thang Loi Textile Co., Ltd. would like to introduce to customers some fabrics that are usually placed uniform fabric as follows:

Popular uniform fabric today

Sewing school uniforms in cotton

This is the first choice and quite popular many customers choose the other uniform. However, this type of shit is easy to wrinkle but very airy for students, so wearing cotton fabric is very comfortable. High price.

Sewing school uniforms with kate fabric

Kate's school uniform fabric is more popular, with many businesses always choosing this fabric to sew school uniform shirts because of the cheap price, synthetic fiber components keep cotton and polyester to help this fabric add less wrinkles, soft fabric surface, good perspiration absorption , luxurious colors and fabrics. Advantages:

Sewing school uniforms with kate fabric
  • Cotton fabric composition should be less wrinkled characteristics, diverse colors
  • Cheap price

Polyester school uniform sewing (PE fabric)

The fabric is made of polyester fibers so it has very good durability. This material is very little prevented and hard to beneaded like a 100% cotton uniform. However, PE fabric has poor perspiration absorption, so when worn it feels quite hot and uncomfortable. To better fabric manufacturers add cotton ingredients to reduce the cost for fabrics 100% cotton.

Where to buy high-volume student uniform fabric

Where to buy high-volume student uniform fabric

Viet Thang Thang is the leading fabric manufacturer in Vietnam, achieving ISO 9001:2015 stable quality on each product. Therefore, Viet Thang Thang's products are highly appreciated by foreign customers and conquered many countries such as Japan, Korea, USA and other European countries. To order a large number of student uniforms, please contact (028) 3718 2224 for quality and price advice.

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