The application of information technology to the fabric industry has helped many businesses achieve remarkable results. According to practice in some enterprises, by introducing air loom instead of loom and sword loom, the enterprise has improved product quality and output and at the same time can save 15-20% of energy. consumption.

What is gas weaving

Air weaving is a type of loom that uses air pressure to suck yarn across a frame. The working principle is to use air as the weft insertion medium to pull the weft with compressed air jets to create frictional pull, pass the yarn across and achieve the aim of inserting the weft through the applied pressure out by a jet of air.

Production process


Create sizing



Textile equipment

Air textile products


  • Ingredients: 100% cotton
  • Weaving style: 1/1 pattern, 2/1 cross, 2/2 cross
  • Status: Available
  • Features: Cotton fabric is woven from natural materials, in which cotton plays the most important role. With excellent and outstanding features such as moisture absorption, good sweat absorption, heat reduction, ventilation, With high durability, when fast drying, effective abrasion resistance, easy to dye with the ability to resist the penetration of stains and mold and abundant production materials, the application of this fabric is universal. variables are also understandable.

Fabric vissco

  • Weight: 110 – 150g / m2
  • Size: 135 – 150cm
  • Ingredients: 100% Viscose
  • Weaving style: Van Diem
  • Condition: Ordered
  • Fabric Characteristics:
    Soft, cool, comfortable and durable
    – High humidity
    – Diversity in design and color
    – High color fastness
    – Non-toxic, environmentally friendly.

Diagonal khaki fabric

  • Weight: 200-330g / m2
  • Size: 135 – 150cm
  • Ingredients: 100% cotton
  • Weaving Style: Diagonal
  • Condition: Ordered
  • Fabric properties: Highly hygroscopic, cool. Diverse in color. Natural antibacterial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria on clothes that cause unpleasant odors. Anti-UV rays. Environmentally friendly. High color fastness.

Fabric kate (100% PE-TC)

  • Weight: 102 – 123g / m2
  • Size size: 152cm
  • Ingredients: 100% PE
  • Weaving style: Van Diem
  • Status: Available, to order
  • Fabric properties: Soft, comfortable, less wrinkled and durable (long service life). High humidity. Diverse in color.

The corrugated iron, linen, vissco fabric is durable in UV and ultraviolet rays.

Viet Thang Loi fabric factory prides itself on producing 95% sunscreen fabric, which is resistant to UV rays, aging, cancer prevention, …
The factory is currently supplying fabrics for industrial parks and corporations in Korea, Japan, in raw materials and manufacturing high quality fabrics.