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Viet Thang Loi

10 years of establishment and development, Viet Thang Loi Textile Co., Ltd. is proud to be one of the enterprises providing quality fabrics in Vietnam. Constantly improving product quality by investing in modern production equipment.

We are extremely focused on the stage of product quality control with a strict intensity, to satisfy customers in the best way.


Provide textile products and services

01. Textile water

Viet Thang Loi uses modern textile technology to deliver the best products to customers


02. Air weave

According to practice in some enterprises, by introducing air loom instead of loom and sword loom, the enterprise has both improved product quality and output, and at the same time can save 15-20% of energy. consumption.


03. Machining

We are people with many years of experience in fabric dyeing and processing services in the textile industry


Quality certification

Aiming at product quality meeting export standards for the international markets of Japan, the US, and India, … and improving product quality for the domestic market. Viet Thang Loi Textile and Garment Co., Ltd. did not mind the difficulty of researching fabrics with specific characteristics such as: Antibacterial, White light fastness, Water pressure, …
With these successful results thanks to the collaboration of a team of highly specialized, from research team (P. Experiment) to the production team (Textile factory, dyeing workshop) and other indirect parts.
Small details make perfect. We choose from material import to finished products. Raw materials and production process is the core that creates Viet Thang Loi value.

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Ordering guide

To contact our company to order fabric products, any quality requirements please contact the following information: